DISCLAIMER:  The Natural Justice Academy and this website are created to facilitate education, research, and sharing of information.  The NJA and this website do not provide legal advice.  It is of critical importance to understand that this is about real people claiming back their system of law from usurpers – not begging those very usurpers for “legitimacy” under their purposefully obscure and private “code.”

How you conduct your affairs is up to you.  We are all responsible for growing up and becoming trustworthy co-custodians of our shared world, and no amount of “word magic” is ever going to negate this basic condition of existence.  So this site is about education – meaning, in truth, empowerment through access to critical information…which, as you’ll discover if you do your due diligence and read/watch/listen to the information on this site, is something entirely different than “legal advice.”

By becoming informed about the current state of “law” and “governance” in the world, and then telling others about what you have learned – especially those in the legal profession and in law enforcement – you will be performing a tremendous service to yourself, your family, your community, and indeed the whole world.



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