Training Planned for the Future


What Law Is

– History of Law

– Types of Law

– How the Law Was Corrupted:

– – Source Documents Foundational Presentation – Enabling Acts

– – Advanced presentation for Sheriffs and other elected officials

Proposed Courses

** Introduction to the Source Documents

** Civic Responsibility/Self Governance

** Court Observer Training

** Common Law Grand Jury Administration Procedures (How to Bring a Case Before a Grand Jury)

** ITNJ Court Procedures (How to Bring a Case Before the Tribunal)

** Petit Juror Training

** Grand Juror Training

** Grand Jury Administrator Training

** Investigative Procedures – How To Investigate a Complaint

** Natural Law

** International Law

** Notary Training

** Private Attorney General Training – Course teaching procedures of the court

** Private Attorney General Training – Administrative Procedures

** Private Attorney General Training – Trust and Equity Law

** How To BecomeYour Own Micro-Nation


Additional Resources Proposed

Law Research and Education Network

– Community of Concerned groups

– Assistance forum to present new information and answer questions

– PAG Assistance Network


If interested in registering for any of these training classes, please contact Steve Herr at




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